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In 1917 Alfred Morris opened the Ambrosia Creamery in Lifton, Devon.

The very first Ambrosia product was a dried milk powder for infants, although one of the first orders was
from the War Office for soldiers in WW1.
In 1937 Ambrosia Creamed Rice was launched and has remained a flagship product to the present day.
Then, in 1969, Ambrosia launched the first canned Devon Custard, made in Devon, using local milk.

Now, after over 100 years, Ambrosia can reflect on a proud history and look forward to another exciting 100 years!

Ambrosia Devon Custard

Made in our Devon Creamery, using West Country milk, Ambrosia Devon Custard is available in Cans, Cartons and Pots. Also great for kids are Ambrosia Mini Pots, fortified with extra Calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones.

Ambrosia Rice Pudding

Our creamy Rice Pudding was introduced in 1937, and has been a family favourite ever since!
The range is available in Cans, Sharing Pots and Snack Pots, and there is a lighter version too, with 35% less fat!

Ambrosia Deluxe

Our new Deluxe range is our creamiest, most luxurious custard and rice.
Blended with our finest ingredients including West Country cream, Salted caramel and Spiced Apple, new Ambrosia Deluxe really is food from the Gods!

Other Great Products

We also have a range of traditional British milk puddings for all the family to enjoy!


Can we get a toy version of the Mole?

We are delighted to hear that you are a Moley fan! We have an on pack competition running where you could be in with a chance to win a Moley. Head over to www.ambrosiacompetition.co.uk for more information.  

We only have limited amount of Moley's available for the competition and they cannot be purchased separately.   

Can you tell me more about the cows who produce milk for Ambrosia?
All of the milk used in our Ambrosia products comes from farms nestled in the beautiful Devonshire and Cornish countryside. We believe all animals should be treated responsibly and with dignity, and we work with our suppliers and farmers to ensure that our high standards of animal welfare are met.

In this video, you can hear directly from Andrew Bray, one of our dairy farmers who supplies milk to Ambrosia and the special measures he has in place at his family farm to make sure his cows are happy and healthy all year long! 

[Video credit: Rodda's ]

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